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Inventive conference.  I wish our sales and marketing director had attended to catch this vision of better employee and customer engagement.

Great expert panel discussion! Thank you for a very informative conference!

The “Deadly Sins” presentation was outstanding. I’ll be inviting our company enterprise-level team next time.

What a unique combination of seminar, workshop, training and networking. I have a notebook full of things to get done right away, and things to think about for the long-term!


Building a Better Intranet – 2 Day Workshop

Building a Better Intranet – 2 Day Workshop

October 3-4, 2016
Take your intranet project from an initial idea, or upgrade, to sustainable success. The truth is intranet success is driven more by people than technology. Organizations don’t care about Intranets – they care about results…

CRM Planning and Leadership Workshop

CRM Planning and Leadership Workshop

December 6-7, 2016
Considering a CRM solution, or struggling to get the most out of an existing CRM solution.


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