Are you interested in sponsoring, exhibiting, or delivering product-specific training at a Success Accelerators event?  Reach an audience of senior marketing, human resources, sales, customer service and information technology executives from leading organizations.

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Why Sponsor

Mostly just text with information on why sponsorship can help your company.  Unique about our sponsors – we want you to attend for free!  Our primary goal is to make the event as valuable to our attendees as possible.  The more individuals who attend, the more higher the satisfaction ratings of attendees.  That’s why we offer $100 off of sponsorship for each attendee that you drive to the event.  It doesn’t take many attendees to make the event completely free to sponsor.  And, as a vendor, you can offer training on your specific product at post-conference training sessions – so if you drive your customers to the event, you have a chance to provide them with training and strengthen connections to them. 


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